Hydraulik Nord Group is committed to being a partner for the long term and on an equal footing. With the continuous expansion of its services, the group has been fulfilling this commitment.

The services offered include a wide variety of service work on oil-hydraulic systems, such as preventive equipment inspections, equipment optimization, failure analysis and maintenance work. In addition, the group offers lab-based oil analyses, refueling service, mobile bypass filtration, general technical support as well as the repair of oil-hydraulic components of any brand, such as pumps, motors, cylinders and valves.

Besides its expertise in the manufacture of top-quality products for mobile and industrial hydraulics, Hydraulik Nord Group features a highly qualified technical service team. The group of companies, with its entire expertise, offers extensive support to its customers, from initial brainstorming to the full operation of the equipment.

Our expertise

  • Technical support
  • service work on hydraulic systems
  • failure analysis
  • equipment optimization
  • preventive equipment inspection
  • maintenance work
  • lab-based oil analyses
  • repair of oil-hydraulic components of any brand, such as pumps, motors, cylinders, valves
  • refueling service
  • mobile bypass filtration

Gunnar Szepan

Division Manager Service

phone+49 (0) 385 / 6425 – 221


Thomas Dechow

Project Manager Service

phone+49 (0) 385 / 6425 – 223


24hr service

Emergency number

phone+49 1728589 190